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2017 Park Cities XC 13-14 Year Old Division Team
Emily Ward

Featured Athlete: Emily Ward
1st Place Dallas City Meet Championship!

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UPDATING: Friday, October 27th, 11:22am (Brand New Site Coming Soon!)


Congratulations on the 21st LONG Run 5K and their EVEN STRONGER middle school team!

Current practice schedule at: Schedules.


MONDAY: Annual “Haunted History Tour” Club Run!”

SUNDAY: DRC Half Marathon Relay & 5K!


Congratulations on ANOTHER District Championship in the toughest sport around…


But the season’s not over yet! Join club as we prepare for qualifying rounds and the USATF Youth Club & Individual National Championships in Tallahassee, Florida in early December! During this time, we also begin preparation for…


A quick note on our training: While our club’s training is significantly more technical than what you will find in a normal school setting (half the time of our practices are spent on form and running mechanics), and our workouts can indeed be tough, we believe in low milage weeks. And with our attention to “proper” running and keeping the miles down, with the exception of the still relatively uncommon sore muscles, we have been blessed with no major injuries, and if you follow the individually-tailored schedule and do your off-day stretching and short recovery runs, no minor ones either. And with the actual reduction in all-sport injuries we see with our club members, we instead have trained the #1 runner in the HPMS District meet for six years straight (and often the #2 and #3!), including this past week. All have gone on to have successful high school careers all making varsity their freshman years! In the off-season both the middle school and high school runners continue to train with the club, work their way to USATF or AAU Nationals, placing high or even 1st in the U.S. in their respective age groups, all while having an absolute blast (according to them anyways!)

So come on and join us now and see how much fun this sport can REALLY be with practices available 7 days/week and many more family friendly running activities and serious competitions still ahead this season! A complete practice and competition schedule coming with the new website in just about a day. In the meantime, send us a quick email and we’ll get the full schedules out to you right away!

For current detailed info please CLICK HERE to email directly


Park Cities XC is a Dallas-based Youth Running Club that is open to anyone regardless of their ability or residence. Just remember,

“Speed is not required… that is what we BUILD. However, Mental Toughness, and GUTS are!”

But don’t concern yourself too much if your kid is lacking in any of the latter. We certainly try to help build those too!

We now have several examples of kids who formerly would not have been perceived as being “runners”, who now look like they’ve been running their entire lives!

On the other end of the spectrum, if you come to the club already with experience and speed, the club can be just the thing needed to take you to the next step, both developmentally, and in terms of national exposure toward recruiting purposes.

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Three Seasons

The Park Cities XC year is divided into three seasons as follows. Depending on the year and where holiday breaks fall, there is between a one and two week break between each season providing for 15 to 16 week seasons.

Spring Season: January, February, March, and into April

Focus on track distances: 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 1600M (mile), 2400M (1.5 mile), 3200M (2 mile – high school)

Summer Season: May, June, July, and into August

Focus on longer distance “base” training and general “core” conditioning for fall. We also continue with “speed” training throughout.

Fall Season: September, October, November, and into December

The “sharpening phase” of distance training for cross country. The later part of the season we begin work on preparing for spring track.

Modified Seasons for HS Athletes

High school athletes are allowed to train with the Park Cities XC team year round as a supplement to their high school programs, even during high school “in-season” times. Often this can work very well and allow the more advanced runners to excel even further than they would in a more “one size fits all” high school setting. We can work hand-in-hand with high school coaches to supplement their athletes with just want they need.

However, in certain cases, an athlete (or their high school coach) may wish to have their full attention set on their own high school cross country or track programs. In this case, we have made available a modified season schedule as follows:

Summer Season: May, June, July

Longer distance “base” training and general “core” conditioning for fall.

Winter Season: November, December

Focus on form, running mechanics, and race strategy. Workouts aimed at building speed for track season.

If due to scheduling difficulties, an athlete is not able to commit to the high school cross country or track programs, they are welcome to work out full time with the club.

Weekly Schedules

Number of Days/Week

Formal practices are held 3 or 4 days/week, depending on the type of workouts we are doing and the age and level of experience of each runner.

Practice Days

Tentatively, practice days will be Monday & Tuesday, and Thursday & Friday for our Elite level runners. For our beginners and intermediate runners, practices are tentatively scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This schedule may be dependent on our athletes schedules for the upcoming season.

A short 1-Mile or 8-Minute fartlek (which I promise to explain) is expected of all members on non-practice days.

Time of Day

The time of day varies upon the seasonal temperature and available daylight. The exact times for a particular season will also be decided upon by athlete availability.

Practice Locations

Katy Trail – North map

Located at the north end of the Katy Trail where it meets Airline (about a block from Central Expressway). We use this location to run our 3-Mile Goal Pace practices.

Katy Trail – South map

Parking is at Reverchon Park. Location is at the top of the hill where the old Baby Does restaurant used to be. There is a big “waterfall sign” at the top that you can see from IH-35. These are the steepest hills we have been able to find anywhere in Dallas.

SMU Morrison-Bell Track (Wescott Field) map

Located just to the north of the football stadium, this is our primary practice location during spring track season.

UP John Roach Track (Germany Park) map

Just south of University on Lomo Alto, this is our summer track workout location.

Norbuck Park (White Rock Lake area) map

Just north of White Rock Lake between Mockingbird and Northwest Hwy. on Buckner. This is used as one of our “hill” locations during spring track training and “cross country” course during summer and fall training.

BSA Hill (White Rock Lake) map

Just off of Mockingbird, this location is our starting point for our 9.3 mile loops around the lake. Usually once/week during the summer.

Hackberry Creek Park (Highland Park) map

Just a block south of Mockingbird off Bryon, this is the location of our “day after the lake” recovery runs that run south along Drexel and around Prather and Davis parks and back. Very nice run. Common for parents to join us for this one.

Curtis Park (University Park) map

This is the park right next to the U.P. Pool on Lovers, halfway between Preston and Hillcrest. This is the location of our summer “chip competition” runs. The location also provides us with a nice long grassy, non-track area to run drills on.

General Practice Structure

Although the actual practice schedule can vary significantly at times depending on season, upcoming competitions, previous workouts, etc., a typical practice session usually runs as follows:

  • 1. Warm-up Run (easy)
  • 2. Educational Discussion(Physiology, nutrition, running terms, knowing good pain from bad pain, and much more.)
  • 3. Static Stretching
  • 4. Dynamic Stretching
  • 5. Form and Running Mechanics Drills
  • 6. 80% Pre-Run Fartlek (“varying speed” warm-up)
  • 7. Park Cities XC Structured Running Program(Detailed logs are used for coaching analysis and athlete progress review.)
  • 8. “Core” Strength Exercises
  • 9. Static Stretching (To be done at home, approximately 1 hour after practice.


Monthly Competitions

The club generally participates in an average of one race a month of varying length and difficulty. We try to mix it up quite a bit and doing so keeps it very exciting from race to race. For example…

  • Race entry numbers can vary from a few hundred to many thousands of participants.
  • Terrain can vary from relatively flat to VERY hilly!
  • Competition can range from primarily amongst ourselves to some of the toughest club competition in Texas.
  • We also enter several “fun runs” (still timed) but are more about the experience. Several highlights last year were the Prairie Lights 5K which runs through a HUGE public display of holiday lights in Grand Prairie, The Color Run (our photos on our Shutterfly Photo Page say it all), and the Firefly Run (LED-illuminated night run).

Please note that participation in club races, in particular our more competitive races, is an expectation of club membership and with the exception of schedule conflicts, athletes should make every effort to attend.

Seasonal Competitions

Spring Season: The primary focus of our spring season is for our athletes to compete in middle school Track competitions culminating in a District Championship for your school and high athlete placement by all our participating runners in all running events.

Summer Season: The summer is focused on preparing to start the middle school or high school cross country season with top speed and form.

Fall Season: Putting together all the hard work of the previous 2 seasons, our competitive goal for the fall season is the AAU Cross Country National Championships or the USATF Cross Country Junior Olympics. This includes our former middle school athletes that are now in high school, after the high school season is completed.


We do our best to set aside a portion of most practices to cover the academic areas listed below. Some of it can get fairly in-depth and as noticed by one of our freshmen runners, can even help prepare for later high school work.

Just don’t be surprised if your son or daughter comes home one day complaining about a “pain in their medial collateral ligament near the proximal end of their tibia.” We have already had a report just like that from a parent! (Yes, they had to write it down!)

Running Terminology Rules of the Track & Trail
Running Mechanics & Form Nutrition
Purpose and Techniques of Stretching Physiology – Atomic Structure
Shoe Technology Physiology – Organic Chemistry
Concepts of Core Strength Physiology – Cell Structure
Concepts of Stretching Physiology – Nucleic Acids and More
Training Philosophies Anatomy – General
Good Pain vs. Bad Pain Anatomy – Bones
Mind Tricks Anatomy – Muscles
Guts: What it is, what it’s not. Anatomy – Tendons and Ligaments
Race Strategies Dealing with Heat
Competitions: The High School Level Dealing with Cold
Competitions: The Collegiate Level Common Injuries
Competitions: The Professional Level Preventing Injuries
Pros You Should Know Managing Injuries
Running for Fun Sportsmanship: Unity & Teamwork!

Please note that many of these topic can take days, if not weeks to cover. Just know for certain that the coach will never run out of things to talk about!

Parents Workouts

We encourage all parents to join their kids in any of our workouts or “open class” races. In the past we had over half the parents participating in practices, some just occasionally and others just about every night.

As an alternative, we often hold a parents-only practice immediately after the kid’s practice which lasts anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. This is a family club so please feel free to join us.

What the Membership is Saying

“Can’t thank you enough for all you are doing for our son. So impressed with his progress!! Your commitment and enthusiasm is inspirational! I have never seen a coach in any sport, and I have seen a lot, more supportive of his team. Your confidence and high expectations assure our boys that they have what it takes to reach their goals.”

” Just want you to know that we registered our boy to learn how to run, we ended up with a young man who now understands the meaning of heart and determination… oh, yes, and he also flies now!

“Colin was THRILLED with his run today. He said it really helped having you push him the entire way.  He continues to claim, “Joining this club is the BEST thing I ever did”. I can’t ever express enough to you how thankful we are for your passion and commitment.”

“You are a gift for my son, and all of us.  You are an excellent coach, and inspirational to all.”

“You are the best coach we have ever had work with our kids, it’s amazing what they can accomplish when coached well.”

“I have to say, he is getting more and more addicted to the sport and gaining confidence every practice.  I asked him the other day if he wanted a new video game that his brother and I have been playing and he said that he didn’t, because he didn’t want any distraction from track…never heard anything like that before!”

“Thank you for all of this, I love seeing the improvement and hearing your thoughts about Chase.  I am very proud of him and how far he has already come, not just with running but the character he is building running as well.”

“[Coach] Aurek is pure coaching genius!”   (freshman athlete)

“Just wanted to send you a quick note . . . I want you to know that these boys that are running [high school] cross country have you to thank for their success.  I know I’ve told you before that I/we appreciate you and all that you did.  Just wanted to remind you that we have not forgotten and to say again how much we appreciate what you did for these boys.  Thanks again for all of your time and hard work!”   (freshman runner’s mom)

“Did u tell coach what time I got and that he is the inspiration. And I could not have done it without him? Tell coach my Achilles tendon still herts.” (7th grader’s text messages to his mom after a successful school competition.)

Request for Volunteers

Being only around two years old, our organization is currently still in its own development stages and we need parents to help. While the training aspect of the club may be in great form, it is our goal to also create a successfully functioning well run club. A club that can support the running program with a structure that can be handed down to new parents for generations within the community. Please contact xc_info@parkcitiesxc.org to help out as you can.