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General Practice Structure

Although the actual practice schedule can vary significantly at times depending on season, upcoming competitions, previous workouts, etc., a typical practice session usually runs as follows:

  • 1. Warm-up Run (easy)
  • 2. Educational Discussion
       (Physiology, nutrition, running terms, knowing good pain from bad pain, and much more.)
  • 3. Static Stretching
  • 4. Dynamic Stretching
  • 5. Form and Running Mechanics Drills
  • 6. 80% Pre-Run Fartlek (“varying speed” warm-up)
  • 7. Park Cities XC Structured Running Program
       (Detailed logs are used for coaching analysis and athlete progress review.)
  • 8. “Core” Strength Exercises
  • 9. Static Stretching (To be done at home, approximately 1 hour after practice.