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(Updated: Tuesday, July 14th, 2015)

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  • 1. Sports Watch: Does NOT need to be GPS equipped. A solid sports watch that can record intervals can be purchased for around $50.00 or less.
  • 2. Promptness: Warm-up and educational discussion should not be missed and shouldn’t have to be repeated. Warm-up running is run as a group and when we have to wait for one person, everyone has to wait. If you will not be able to make it, or are running late, please call or text the coach.
  • 3. Commitment: Both to practices and off-practice day runs and stretching.




  • 1. PCXC Registration and Waiver Form: Your basic info and release of liability. Can be downloaded here or a hard copy provided at any practice.
  • 2. PCXC Code of Conduct: Although it is very rare that I ever have to refer back to this during the season, doesn’t hurt to know that the kids know what is expected of them. This form can be downloaded here or hard copy provided at any practice.
  • 3. Birth Certificate (optional): This is required only for age verification at AAU and USATF National and Qualifying competitions.



Coaching Fees

A very nominal coaching fee of $300 per season is suggested (exceptions can always be made as we will work with anyone regardless).

Please note that it is still suggested that the full $300 be paid even if starting mid-season (up through the 2nd month) as there will be a LOT of additional teaching and practice on proper form and running mechanics held for new members before, during, or after practices to catch them up with our more tenured members.

A High School “between-sports” winter coaching fee of $100 is suggested.



Practice Jersey & Uniform

Currently we have our bright yellow “tech fabric” practice jerseys available for $20.00. (One required per athlete member.)

Super-light weight and sharp-looking race uniforms will be available shortly (yes, short shorts and all) for around $80.00. (Optional, but strongly encouraged.)



Race Registration Fees

Ultimately, all races are optional, however strongly encouraged, especially our more competitive
races. Registration fees range from $10.00 to $50.00. You can expect an average of one race/month.

Optional AAU Junior Olympics and USATF National Championships: Registration fees are nominal, but transportation and lodging costs need to be planned for ahead of time. Some clubs from as far as Texas have pooled costs and chosen leased passenger vans for group transportation. All will be discussed and decided upon as the time approaches.